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10Home Improvement: Tips To Make Your Projects Easier

Improving your home can be quite exciting! Maybe fix, replace or freshen-up something! However, if you do not have the right advice or information, this can be very stressful for all involved. This article contains a number of tips to help you and your household make a success of that home improvement project.

Gardens add to the overall beauty of your home. Consider upgrading or adding one to your residence should you be preparing to sell. Gardens help the buyer to see greater possibilities with the home and allows them to envision all the things they could do to the property themselves. (If you are into Commercial Handyman Services, click on Top Handyman Perth Wa here. )

If you have a lot of dirt in your backyard or garden, you can easily make your own pathways using pavers and stones. You don’t need to use any concrete, just lay your stones in a nice design or pattern in the area you need it to cover. This can provide a nice and balanced look to your garden, as well as keeping your shoes dirt free.

Keep your placemats and linen napkins clean by storing them in appropriate sized zipper sealed bags.

Be sure to label the bag with a sharpie clearly stating how many pieces of each are within the bag. Don’t forget to force the air out and seal the bags as flat as possible to only use minimal space.

Paint should always be considered when starting home improvement to increase the value of your home. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your home look nicer and fresh, it is also an extremely cheap way to add a great deal of value to your home. It also takes less time than other methods.

Upgrade your kitchen to improve home value quickly. Kitchen improvements can be as simple as refreshing paint or wallpaper or as complex as installing new cabinetry, appliances or flooring. You can do most kitchen improvements yourself or contract with a professional for more difficult items. Investing in your kitchen makes your home more enjoyable for yourself and your family, and it also increases the home value should you ever decide to sell your house. (If you like Commercial Handyman Servicing, see http://rubbish-removal-perth6013.tumblr.com . )

Create extra seating in your kitchen. If you don’t have the space for a full sized kitchen table and chairs, think about using barstools around a kitchen island. This creates a casual area, perfect for eating a quick bite or simply chatting with family and friends. If your kitchen is too small for an island, consider using counter stools. (If you like Building Maintenance, click on http://handymanservicesinperth8299.wordpress.com here. )

If you are interested in changing the look of your bathroom, this space could be the perfect choice for your next home improvement project. Give your bathroom an extra special touch by installing radiant floor heat and a light-tube, which gives the space the appearance of having natural light. Both features come with instructions that are easy to follow.

Look at what areas or rooms in your home you want to repair or improve. Think about the look before deciding to go with it. Separate things you need fixed and things that you want to do. This will help you get moving on repairing your home before making it look better.

Believe it or not, shuttering your closets can be an excellent way to cut back on your energy bills. This project can be nearly free if you know how to work with raw materials. Shuttering the closets minimizes your square footage and the workload for your radiators. Better yet, your guests won’t see any closet clutter. (Do you love Building Maintenance? Then see this site dealing with http://junk-removal-perth8971.tumblr.com here.)

So, home improvement has the potential to be a fun and exciting project! However, the process can be very difficult and stressful if you do not have the right advice and information. Use the tips found in this article to improve your home with ease!



The Renter’s Paint Job

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D & J Home Services

This job was from a few months ago, but still worth blogging about, because it showed the power of a simple paint job. This was a rental property, where the tenants had taken it upon themselves to ‘brighten up’ the color on the walls. But it appears that dropcloths and clean lines weren’t exactly a part of their plan. This is what we saw when we walked in:

Before-1st BR baseboard (768x1024)Before-2nd BR ceiling detail a (768x1024)Before-1st BR ceiling detail b (768x1024)

Wow! Not only was the paint job several years out of date, but they had dripped and splattered all over the beautiful hardwood floors and chosen a weird pinkish color for the ENTIRE house! Also the wall/ceiling seams were old and chipping away.

We started with some simple mud and caulk and patched up all the holes and cleaned up those seams. Here’s some ‘in progress’ pics:

Progress-LR ceiling prepped and primed (768x1024)Progress-2nd BR wall prepped (768x1024)

Looks simple, but some of those seams were hard to clean up! The prep work…

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Many trades man like to put down the handyman/There are bad apple in every trade.True or False ?

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When you talk about your a plumber our just a handyman. One is either a plumber or your nothing more then a handyman that is not very qualified and have a very limited mechanical ability.I don’t know why people always talk bad about the handyman.Many handyman have different skills like my self I was a pipe fitter & welder for 25yrs.I learned many skill in my trade from Electrical to drywall & so on.Many people call a handyman to save money & most handyman are very skilled they work alone and don’t have to pay some one to do the job that brings the cost down for the Home owner.I left the pipe fitter Local 209 to become a handyman because I Love doing different things and pulse I make more money as well and don’t have to work as hard to make my money.Please don’t take this in the…

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10Use These Home Improvement Tips To Take Care Of Your Largest Asset

The value of your home rests in the financial realm, but it also carries high emotional value as well. The largest part of our waking hours are spent within the comfort of our homes, making it especially important to keep living quarters safe, comfortable and efficient.

Throwing out an old sofa can be very tempting when it no longer looks new and clean. However, with the same effort it takes you to throw it out, you can buy some nice slipcovers and throw it on your sofa. Slipcovers are available in a myriad of designs and can spice up an old sofa very easily. (If you are really into Commercial Handyman Services, see this website regarding Top Handyman In Perth . )

Get double-glazed windows, or even triple-glazed windows fitted to your house. These windows can decrease your annual energy bills by hundreds of dollars, as they are great insulators. They are also more difficult to smash, so you home is less likely to be broken into. Additionally, they can significantly increase the value of your home.

Add a subtle new look to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets by replacing old knobs, drawer pulls, handles and hinges with new, modern hardware. These small changes can give your cabinetry a major face lift without the need to wield a paintbrush, and you can use the new hardware to accent the materials of other fixtures in the room, such as faucets or appliances.

When choosing a contractor, make sure to interview them and check references. There are few things more painful than a home improvement project gone wrong. At best you’ll have to live in a house that makes you unhappy and at worse you could find yourself without a place that’s safe to live in. Perform your due diligence upfront in making your choice so that you won’t be surprised at the results at the end.

Upgrade your water heater to a tankless style for an endless supply of hot water and lowered energy bills. Rather than heating a large drum of water continuously, these devices heat water as it passes through the heater, which is much more efficient than tank-style water heaters. You can choose from whole-house heaters, or those that are meant to supply water to one room or faucet. (Do you like Commercial Handyman Servicing? Then click on http://handyman-perth-wa6040.tumblr.com .)

Do-it-yourself hardwood floor installation is especially tempting for homeowners who want to save money by tackling the project on their own. This is fine for most faux-wood kits but if you are using actual wood that must be sanded first, it may be best to hire a professional to handle the sanding. Real wood is quite expensive, and even the smallest sanding goof can ruin the flooring. (If you are into Building Maintenance, see http://www.handymaninperth.com.au/commercial-telecommunications-data-telephone-cabling/ . )

Choose two easy-to-remember days of the year to check and replace, if necessary, the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July are ideal times to perform this task. You should also make sure that your fire extinguishers work and discuss your family’s exit strategy in the event of a fire.

When renovating your home, you should always stay close to the home’s original character. If your street is lined with Victorian-era tudors and you choose to turn your home into a glass-fronted homage to modern architecture, it will stick out uncomfortably and annoy your neighbors. Also, the more you differ from the home’s original structure, the higher the cost of the renovation and the less your chance of getting a return on investment. (Do you love Home Handyman Servicing? Then see http://www.handymaninperth.com.au/handyman-services/ here.)

Although it can be tempting to continually put off home repairs, or hire a professional to do simple repair work and, in doing so, rack up a costly bill, most people are amazed to discover how easily and readily they are able to do basic home repair work and maintenance themselves.


Junior Firefighter Hit By Car While Responding To Emergency Call


CBS Pittsburgh

NORTH CHARLEROI (KDKA) – A junior firefighter was critically injured after he was hit by a car while trying to cross the road to help on an emergency call.

The teen, 14-year old Brandon Schwalb, was living his dream. He’s wanted to be a firefighter from the time he was a child.

“I think he was like 8 or 9 years old, he would be here a the station with his dad,” says Mike Castner of the Lock Four Volunteer Fire Company. “He would be able walk around the truck and name all the tools on the truck.”

Schwalb’s Dad is an assistant chief with the company in North Charleroi.

[worldnow id=8802780 width=385 height=255 type=video]

His turn out gear hangs side by side with his son’s.

“He’s a great kid,” says firefighter Robecca Novotne. “I couldn’t say enough about him.”

On Monday afternoon around 3 p.m., Schwalb was crossing Rt…

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Firefighters File Lawsuit Over Hearing Loss From Sirens

Handyman In

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Several City of Pittsburgh firefighters have filed a lawsuit, saying the sirens on their trucks were too loud and caused them hearing loss.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Ralph Bilski, Jeremiah Dengler, Roger Mather III and Mark Godlewski filed the lawsuit.

They are suing several manufacturers, claiming the fire trucks were defective because they lacked sufficient insulation to protect firefighters’ hearing, the Post-Gazette reports.

[worldnow id=8801022 width=385 height=255 type=video]

Also, the PG reports that the lawsuit claims the truck manufacturers and siren companies failed to provide warnings.

The City of Pittsburgh is not named in the lawsuit.

Similar lawsuits, many of them successful, have been filed by emergency operators and first responders in places like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Florida.

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