The Renter’s Paint Job

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This job was from a few months ago, but still worth blogging about, because it showed the power of a simple paint job. This was a rental property, where the tenants had taken it upon themselves to ‘brighten up’ the color on the walls. But it appears that dropcloths and clean lines weren’t exactly a part of their plan. This is what we saw when we walked in:

Before-1st BR baseboard (768x1024)Before-2nd BR ceiling detail a (768x1024)Before-1st BR ceiling detail b (768x1024)

Wow! Not only was the paint job several years out of date, but they had dripped and splattered all over the beautiful hardwood floors and chosen a weird pinkish color for the ENTIRE house! Also the wall/ceiling seams were old and chipping away.

We started with some simple mud and caulk and patched up all the holes and cleaned up those seams. Here’s some ‘in progress’ pics:

Progress-LR ceiling prepped and primed (768x1024)Progress-2nd BR wall prepped (768x1024)

Looks simple, but some of those seams were hard to clean up! The prep work…

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